Privacy Policy

1. Introduction

ShipAny (“ShipAny”, “we” and “us”) take privacy of our users (“User”, “you”) very seriously and this privacy policy is designed to provide to our Users a better understanding of how information is collected, stored and used by ShipAny (“Policy”). This Privacy Policy is legally binding between you (and your client, employer or another entity if you are acting on their behalf) as the user of the services of ShipAny and ShipAny and/or its affiliates.

By signing up for any of the services or products offered by ShipAny (collectively, the “Services”), accessing our website at (“Website”), creating and managing shipments through ShipAny (“Shipment”), or receiving a Shipment, you acknowledge that you have read and understood this Policy and the information collection and handling practices outlined in it. The Policy describes in detail our policy and practices in respect of our collection, use and/or disclosure of information about you. We understand that your providing information online involves trust on your part. We have the highest regard for your privacy and personal information and realize that the success of ShipAny depends on the trust you have in the way we handle your personal information. The term “Personal Information” in this policy, is used to describe any information related to individuals or businesses.

2. How to keep your Personal Information secure?

ShipAny is committed to use the best procedures, tools and techniques set by industry standards in order to guarantee the security of your Personal Information.

At the same time, you are advised to keep your password (and account credentials) safe and make sure to prevent any unauthorized access to your ShipAny account and Personal Information. 

3. Purpose of Collection

In order to gain access to the features offered by the Website or our Services, it may be necessary for Users to provide us with Personal Information. It is your voluntary decision as to whether or not to provide the information as requested on the Website. However, if you do not provide such information and/or data, we may not be able to provide certain Services, and your use of the Website and our Services would be limited as a result. Our purposes for collection of information shall include without limitation to the following:

  1. for the management of the Services provided to Users;
  2. to handle and follow up service calls, enquiries, requests and complaints;
  3. to provide Users with Services information, marketing and promotional materials;
  4. to allow Users to register as members of the Website;
  5. to contact Users regarding administrative notices and communications relevant to the accounts maintained with ShipAny (if any) and/or the Services offered by ShipAny;
  6. to design and provide customized Services to Users; and
  7. to compile and analyze aggregate statistics in respect of the use of the Website and for ShipAny’s internal use.

ShipAny strives to only collect personal data which is necessary and adequate but not excessive in relation to the purposes set out hereinabove. In the event that ShipAny requires the use of your Personal Information for a purpose other than those set out herein, ShipAny shall request your prescribed consent to the same.

4. What Personal Information of the senders do we collect and when?

Senders are Users, individuals authorized by a User to access such User’s account, and in general anybody who use our Services to ship items. In order to facilitate our provision of Services, we collect Personal Information from senders as follows:

  1. first and last name;
  2. company name;
  3. contact number; and
  4. physical address for pickup.

In the event that you are a sender of ShipAny, ShipAny shall collect the data in respect of the browser and device you access our Service with, your IP address, network connection, and the date and time of when you visit our Website. This information is used to improve our service and to provide you with relevant information of your account.

We collect the above Personal Information when you sign up for our Services, access our Services, and at any time you update your Personal Information on your ShipAny account.

5. What Personal Information about the recipient do we collect and when?

ShipAny further collects Personal Information regarding the recipients of Shipments as follows:

  1. first and last name;
  2. company name;
  3. contact number; and
  4. physical address.

We may share the above information with third-party companies that we use to provide our Service, including but not limited to couriers, and shipping companies, in order to ensure that the Shipment is correctly delivered to the recipients on a timely manner. The above information of recipients may be collected from senders when scheduling a Shipment.

6. Forbidden use of your Personal Information

We will not use your Personal information for any reason beyond the legitimate business purposes defined by the law.

We do not and will never sell, disclose, or share any Personal Information, collected from you or your customers, to any company for the promotion and sale of their own products and services.

The only case for which we reserve the right to share your Personal Information is to guarantee the fulfillment of our Service, for which we reserve the right to share your Personal Information only with the third-party companies that work with us to provide our Services such as couriers. For instance, your customers’ contact information, address may be shared with the courier or shipping company in order to deliver your Shipment.

7. Sharing Personal Information with third parties

At all times, the sharing of any information collected by ShipAny shall be done in accordance with the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Cap. 486) and may be transferred as set out herein.

ShipAny works with third parties to provide our Services to our shippers, users and we may share Personal information with them to guarantee the fulfillment of our Services. Examples of third-party companies are our listed couriers and shipping companies. In all instances, only necessary Personal Information fields will be shared.

In the event that ShipAny is required to share your Personal Information with third parties for purposes other than those described in this section, we may request for your approval prior to sharing such information.

8. Security

The security of Users’ personal information is important to ShipAny. ShipAny will strive to ensure that any and all personal information will be protected against unauthorized access. ShipAny has implemented the appropriate electronic and managerial measures in order to safeguard, protect and secure Users’ personal information.

All personal information and data provided by our Users are only accessible by the authorized personnel of ShipAny or its authorized third parties, and such personnel shall be instructed to observe the terms of this Policy when accessing such personal information and data. Users may rest assured that their personal information and data will only be kept for as long as is necessary to fulfill the purpose for which it is collected. Our retention of information is based on multiple factors including your ShipAny membership account status, the nature and sensitivity of the data, compliance with our legal obligation, and the defense or resolution of actual or anticipated legal claims. If you request to terminate your membership account with ShipAny, we will delete your information or store your information in an aggregated and anonymized format.

ShipAny follows generally accepted industry standards to protect the personal information and data submitted by Users to the Website, both during transmission and once ShipAny receives it.