Prohibited & Restricted Items

Food and Health

  • Perishable goods
    • All perishable or refrigerated goods that require specific environmental conditions for storage, such as dairy products, eggs, chocolate, fresh fruits and vegetables, honey and homemade food.
  • Raw meat and Uncooked seafood
    • Any raw meat, such as uncooked seafood, animal flesh, and meat products.
  • Prescription drugs and Illegal drugs
    • All kinds of prescription drugs and illegal drugs, such as narcotic drugs, psychiatric drugs, opium, morphine, and cocaine.

Nature, Science and Technologies

  • Bones, Debris, Fur and Fossils
    • Any parts of animals and humans, including embryos, organs, hair and fur (e.g. leather and its products), corpse, bones, hoofs and horns, ivory, human remains or ashes, fossils, etc.
  • Living plant, Seed and Seed bulb
    • All kinds of preserved flowers, naturally/artificially dried flowers, living plants and seeds for planting, such as vegetable seeds, flower seeds, flower bulbs, etc. Edible seeds and culinary nuts are excluded.
  • Live Animals
    • Including insects and hatching eggs.
  • Fertilizer and Soil
    • All types of fertilizers, soils and any kind of unknown powders that cannot be distinguished.

Luxury and Entertainment

  • Specific Gambling game products
    • All kinds of lottery and gambling devices, such as gambling machines, gambling tables and casino tokens.
  • Tobacco and Smoking devices
    • All kinds of cigarettes, tobacco, electronic cigarettes, cultivated tobacco, smokeless tobacco products, and any related accessories and products including nicotine-free vapes, etc. For example, lighter, hookah (waterpipe), tobacco tar, other solvents instead of tar, and its smoking or vaping devices.
  • Bullion and jewellery
    • Also including industrial diamonds, precious metals, stones and minerals.

Special Items

  • Cannabidiol (CBD)
    • Any products marked with the words “CBD” or “cannabidiol”, or the logo of cannabis leaf on the packaging or label. Examples of CBD products include but are not limited to skin care products, edible oils, soft chews/gummies, chocolate, coffee powder, tea, beverages, health supplements, etc.
  • Alcohols
    • All kinds of alcohol and products consist of alcohol, such as alcoholic drinks (> 24% alcohol by volume) and perfumes.
  • Liquid (regardless of the packaging)
    • Such as alcohol, toner eyeliner, sunscreen, contact lens nursing solution, eye drops, saline, mosquito repellent, gold-plating solution, aluminum paste, glow stick, mercury thermometer, etc.
  • Fragrances
    • Such as perfumes, perfume balms, fragrances, reed diffusers, perfume pens/pencils, bathroom fragrances, any other scented products, etc.
  • Controlled Knives, Bows
    • All kinds of restricted knives (except for tableware category), bows, blade, etc.
  • Cash and Cash equivalents
    • All types of cash, items that are equivalent to money and their counterfeits, such as collectible coins/stamps, cash coupons, gift cards and marketable securities.
  • Battery
    • Batteries classified as dangerous such as wet spillable/non spillable lead-acid/alkaline batteries. Including electronic components, stand-alone delivery of batteries, separate batches of dry batteries and lithium batteries. They will not pass the security check.
  • SIM cards
    • All kinds of SIM cards, including prepaid SIM cards.

Dangerous Goods

  • Shock absorbers
    • All kinds of shock absorbers and dampers, including the dampers for cars and motorcycles, etc.
  • Corrosive substances
    • All kinds of substances such as acids, corrosive paint and dyes, rust removers, etc that will trigger damaging chemical reactions when in contact with the human body, other goods, logistic vehicles, etc.
  • Explosives
    • All items that may explode during transport, such as explosives, fireworks, detonators, fire, flares, sparklers, etc.
  • Flammables
    • Flammable solids, liquid and any substance that releases flammable gases when in contact with water, such as activated carbon, titanium powder, rubber debris, safety matches, phosphorus, sulfur, metal powder, nail polish, hair dye products, etc.
  • Gas and Compressed gas cylinder
    • Such as compressed air, dry ice, fire extinguishers, gas cylinders, inflatable spheres, lifesaving devices, explosive airbags, aerosols (like hair spray, deodorants, etc), gas lighters, light bulbs, canned and carbonated drinks, etc.
  • Magnets
    • All kinds of magnets and objects with a strong magnetic field. As magnetic objects affect the transportation signal, they will not pass the security check.
  • Radioactive materials
    • Radioactive substances, oxidants and organic peroxides, such as uranium, radium, hydrogen peroxide, sodium peroxide, potassium nitrate, chromium trioxide, etc.
  • Guns, Weapons and Related accessories
    • All kinds of guns, gun-like objects and any military/combat equipment (or tools with similar purposes), such as gun belt, water gun, air gun, toy guns, fire-fighting shotgun, bullets and cartridge cases, etc.
  • Toxic and Infectious substances
    • All toxic and infectious substances, including environmental hazards, such as pesticides, toxic herbicides, insecticides, poisons, toxic substances, infectious and/or biological substances expected to contain pathogens or other agents such as: bacteria, viruses, parasites, prions, anthrax, medical waste, mosquito repellent and any other hazardous wastes.


  • Molded parcels
    • Molded parcels producing an unusual smell.
  • Others
    • Any goods prohibited by any law, regulation or statute of any federal, state or local government of any country or region to or through which the shipment may pass, any dangerous goods under other provisions of prohibited goods during transportation, or any goods prohibited by the selected courier service.